Trash Removal: Three Ways To Prevent Pests From Getting Into The Trash

Posted on: 2 March 2017


One man's trash is another man's gold. However, with actual trash you throw out, the comparison is not between men, but between men and animals. While you might not be able to get rid of the smelly trash on your property, pesky animals nearby see your garbage as a rather large feast. They're drawn in by the smell, and some animals can get into the trash relatively quickly. With that said, here are 3 ways that you can prevent pests from getting into your trash before trash removal day.

Invest in a Metal Trash Can with a Secure Lid

Depending on the type of pests that your garbage attracts, you might have to think about upgrading your trash can. Animals, like raccoons, can easily chew through plastic trash cans to get at the garbage inside. After spilling your garbage all over your driveway, you'll not only have to clean up the mess, but you'll also have to purchase a new garbage can. If this has already happened to you once before, forego plastic trash cans completely and invest in metal ones that come with a secure lid. Metal trash cans are impossible to gnaw through.

Freeze Smellier Trash and Toss Them In the Garbage Can on Trash Removal Day

Those pesky animals are attracted to your garbage can by the smell that it emits. The smellier the garbage can, the more likely that it'll attract more pests and animals. By keeping your trash can relatively odor-free, you'll be able to keep pests from getting into the trash. One of the simplest ways of doing so is to freeze the smellier trash that you have in the freezer until they basically become a block of ice. Next, toss out the garbage hours before the garbage men arrive. The frozen garbage will not have sufficient time to thaw and become smelly again.

Keep the Trash Can in the Garage Until Trash Removal Day

The simplest solution that most people forget is to simply keep your trash cans indoors until it's hours before the garbage men arrive. This means that you'll have to set a reminder on your calendar for when the garbage men arrive. Make sure to check your garage for holes and leaks before you do so; otherwise, you might have to call an exterminator.


Once some wild animals have gotten into your trash, they're likely to return again, as they will remember where they can get a free and easy meal. If you don't prevent this problem early on, you'll find yourself facing an annoying pest problem sooner or later.

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