Portable Camping Toilets

Posted on: 1 May 2023


Portable toilets that can be used while camping include dry flush models, wet flush models, and bucket models. Learn how each portable camping toilet works. Then, research the manner in which you will need to dispose of waste.

Dry Flush

An electric toilet that uses a dry flush mechanism will contain waste in waterproof bags. This type of toilet will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. If you will be using your RV when you are camping, you can simply set up a dry flush model within your vehicle.

Some dry flush models contain a rechargeable battery. The battery will power up the motor that is within the toilet. Liners and bags come with dry flush models. The liners protect the toilet bowl from becoming soiled. The bags secure waste and seal in odors.

Wet Flush

A wet flush toilet contains a pump. This type of toilet is designed similarly to a household toilet. The tank that is located along the back of the toilet will hold water. The water will push the contents within the toilet bowl through to a holding area. A wet flush toilet will contain liners and bags, just like the dry flush model. Some wet flush models are equipped with chemicals that will aid with concealing odors.


Portable bucket toilets contain a bucket that is attached to a seat. This type of toilet is one of the most basic styles that campers utilize. Some bucket models are collapsible. This type of toilet can be folded up and easily stowed away when it is not being used. Bucket models come equipped with sanitizing liners and bags. Liners and bags aid with keeping the bucket and seat clean.


Human waste should not be thrown away in a trash can. Many camping facilities feature dump stations. Dump stations are designated areas where campers can dispose of waste. A dump station is equipped to handle the waste materials that come from waste tanks and portable toilets. A campground will post guidelines for campers to follow when using a waste station. 


After purchasing a portable camping toilet, review the directions that the manufacturer of the toilet furnishes. The directions will outline the manner in which a toilet needs to be flushed. There will also be details about the manner in which waste materials should be contained and stored before they are disposed of. Sanitizing agents can be purchased separately. Sanitizers can be used to keep a new camping toilet clean in between uses.

To learn more, contact a camping toilet supplier such as Dry Flush.