Managing The Safety Of A Septic Tank

Posted on: 30 March 2017


Septic tanks are a good solution when your home isn't naturally connected to municipal sewing. But they do require a little more attention to make them a safe addition to your home. These tips will help you manage the ownership of a septic tank safely.

Follow Guidelines for Installation Distance

Septic tanks should not be installed directly next to your home, for health reasons. The drain field, especially, should be removed from the areas that your family normally inhabits. Consult your septic tank installation team to determine how far away is acceptable for a proper septic tank installation.

Install Monitoring Equipment

There are a couple of types of equipment you can buy and install to keep an eye on your tank more easily. The first is a probe that lets you test how high the solids in your tank are. The other would be a video camera that can fit directly onto the end of the probe.

If your tank is underground, a septic tank riser is a good idea. Without it, your septic tank technicians will have a much harder time of doing septic tank pumpings and other routine maintenance work. A septic tank riser acts as a window to the septic tank which is mostly inaccessible underground.

Have a Regular Treatment Schedule

Septic tank cleaning and treatment is another thing you can stay on top of to prevent a health hazard. Regular septic tank pumping is done on a conservative schedule to ensure that your tank does not have time to overflow. But if you have monitoring equipment installed, you can schedule your septic tank pumping visits manually when you see that the tank is about to overflow.

Stay Aware of Plumbing and Septic Issues

Having a septic tank makes plumbing and septic maintenance all the more important. So stay aware of the signs that either your plumbing or septic tank is having an issue. For one, watch out for odors, either within your home or near the septic tank and its drain field. Stay on the alert for running plumbing fixtures that could flush a lot of water into the septic tank quickly; a plumbing repair becomes an emergency much more quickly when you are working with a septic tank for wastewater disposal. And if you should see your plumbing drains working incorrectly, call out your septic tank team or plumbing contractor like Mr Bob right away to resolve the problem.