Three Mistakes That Lead To Smelly Dumpsters

Posted on: 2 July 2017


Roll off dumpster containers can develop a foul odor in the summer months, especially if you are in the food business. Not only is this inconvenient, it can also affect the perception of your business or attract pests. The following are some mistakes to avoid if you want to prevent stinky dumpster problems:

#1: Not bagging your trash

All food garbage, sometimes referred to as wet garbage, must be bagged. Not only does this cut down on odors, it is often a requirement of your dumpster rental company. When food or other smelly items are being discarded, get in the habit of double bagging and then knotting the bags well before trashing the garbage. Also, make sure the lid on your dumpster is functional and always closed after each use. The lid serves two purposes – first, it keeps animals out of the dumpster so they don't tear open bags, and second, it helps contain any odors that do form.

#2: Scheduling infrequent pickups

Depending on your trash output, you may not think you need more than one or two pickups a week. Although this may be true in winter, when garbage doesn't tend to develop as bad of an odor due to the cold air, this may not be the best solution for summer. Speak with your dumpster company about increasing pickup during the hot season. They may be willing to give you a discount for only having a partial load, especially if they charge by weight. The more frequently your garbage is picked up, the less likely that you will face an odor issue.

#3: Ignoring cleanliness issues

A clean dumpster is less likely to smell. After each pickup, hose out the dumpster to remove any food residue. It should have drainage holes so the water doesn't collect. There are also odor-absorbing granules you can use. Place some inside the dumpster before you begin adding garbage. You can also sprinkle some on top of the garbage if a smell develops later. If any fluid leaks from the garbage and out of the dumpster, use sawdust or another absorbent material promptly to clean it up so the odor doesn't escape the dumpster. Finally, make sure all garbage is always placed directly in the dumpster and never placed beside it since the only way to contain an odor is to actually place the odor-causing items into the roll-off container.

For more help, contact a sanitation company in your area, like Chitty Garbage Service Inc.